Houston Tile Installation Tips


If you are considering doing some tile installation in the Houston, TX area, you might want to read this article. I’ll share with you the answers to the most common questions I get asked about it.

I have been doing tile installations for many years now and these questions come up pretty much every time I meet for a first consultation with a new client.

tile interior ideas

What type of tiles should I buy?

My answer will depend on your house and your budget, but the best option is porcelain. Porcelain is the most resistant and it should be the first choice , especially for rooms and areas that have a lot of traffic.

Using cheaper ceramic can work, but the color can fade over time in these high traffic areas. Ceramic tiles also come in different sizes which will cause more problems to an installer that doesn’t have as much experience in the installment process.

wooden porcelain tileWooden porcelain tile has become very popular over the last few years; there hasn’t been a month that I don’t receive a call from people asking me to install this type of tile. They tend to be well crafted and with some nice styles they can make any room look nice.

Glass tiles should be used only on walls. Although it looks nice, the problem of using glass tile on the floor is that it will get scratched and it will look pretty bad over time. For that reason, it should be avoided. If you want to create a nice design, try using ceramic, porcelain, marble or granite as materials instead. They tend to be more resistant and look great in mosaics. Stone can also be scratched, but it can be polished. Although the chances of people actually doing that are small.

What size of tiles should I get?

Nowadays the standard tile size that is used in homes is 18 by 18. You might want to avoid using large tiles in small spaces, because it will not look great. Also, I generally recommend to my clients to avoid using smaller tiles.

Smaller sizes are a little bit outdated, in my opinion. But if you really want to use them, you should only do so in smaller rooms. If used with the right pattern, you might still be able to make them look good.

Larger tiles should only be used in large open spaces. It also all depends on your overall type of decoration. They are usually used in a bigger type of entry or in a lobby for the best effects.

For shower floors you need to use smaller tiles; 2 by 2 or 3 by 3 are the main choices. Showers need a pitch towards the drain. And for the installer to be able to do the curved area in the right way, smaller tiles are easier when it comes to creating the pitch and the extra grout lines will also help to make it less slippery.  There are options with larger tiles, but I prefer smaller tiles.

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What patterns should I use?

The type of pattern you choose has to do with the room size and the interior decoration style you want. If you have a small room, a straight pattern is all you need. A different pattern will not be that visible in smaller spaces.

If you have a large room, you can pretty much use any other pattern. Diagonal is the most common one. You can also use subway or a crossed style, too. For an overall more stylish decoration, a French pattern can give your room a nice high-end feeling.

What type of grout should I buy?

If you are using normal spacing for the grout lines, you need to use sanded grout. For no space or very close grout lines you use non-sanded grout. There are many brands and colors and it all depends on the store and your preferences.


To avoid getting cracks on your floors you have to cover the concrete slab with an anti-fracture material like Reed Guard or an anti-crack underlying material.

If you are installing it over wood floors, you need to install cement boards like Durock boards using drywall screws and Liquid Nails.

I hope you liked these tips. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

Reasons To Invest In Steel Windows For Your Home


It is every homeowner’s hope and wish that his/her home can be safe from every disaster. This responsibility comes in many shapes considering accidents happen when we least expect them. Nonetheless, taking a preventive measure to help prevent such disasters from harming our family is the best thing we can do. Many people invest in strong doors, locks, and deadbolts to help keep burglars and malicious people at bay.

Steel doors and windows are considerably the best options for enhanced security and fire prevention. Steel windows and doors not only improve security in your home but are also aesthetically appealing. They also contribute to improving your home’s value remarkably as well.

Custom steel windows and doors by Optimum Window Mfg

Reasons to choose steel-framed windows

Custom steel framed windows by Optimim Window Mfg

Photo credit: Custom steel windows & doors shown in photos courtesy of OptimumWindow.com.

1.    Safety and security
Most burglars break into houses through windows. Although an unlocked door or window may help the thief gain entry, breaking through a window is reasonably easier. Nonetheless, having steel windows installed in your home can help prevent unwanted intrusions by up to 30%. Apartments and office spaces should also have these steel windows installed, as this could help protect possession and other valuable assets from theft.

2.    Provides safe escape in case of  a fire
In 2013, more than 1.2 million houses were destroyed by fire in the U.S. Escaping from a burning house is one of the trickiest endeavors anyone can face. This is mainly because most window frames are made of wood or other flammable material. Meaning going through would be a significant risk. Nonetheless, steel window can withstand intense heat and are fireproof. This makes it easier to escape through the windows much easier, hence safer to use.

3.    Weatherized Design
The type of windows you have in your house determines how energy efficient your home is.  Some window materials leak out/in heat, hence making it harder to maintain a set temperature in an office or home. Nonetheless, steel windows help keep cool or warm air in and do not leak heat at all. Having these windows installed in your house, therefore, helps keep utility bills down, which is good for your pocket and environment as well.

Eight Tips To Renovate Your Bathroom


Bathroom renovation is one of the main home renovations you can do to increase the value of your house. Whether you want a small change or a major overhaul; in this article I’m going to give you some tips about what you can expect and what you should do with a bathroom renovation.

beautiful remodeled bathroom

  1. Nothing has such a big impact on a bathroom then the tiles you choose. They can make or break your bathroom design because they dominate the entire look of this room. If redoing your bathroom tiles is not an option, consider doing some deep cleaning and redoing the grout and caulk. You can also consider using tile paint on them to cover up a wrong or outdated color choice, although this is a more temporary solution.
  2. Most bathrooms are not as big as we would like them to be and hiring a construction company to do an extension might not be an option. Therefore you need to find great storage solutions that work for you and your family and avoid clutter to make the room not seem even smaller than it already is.
  3. Consider overhauling your sink and toilet. It is not that expensive to do and it makes a huge difference when it comes to your bathroom design.
  4. As with any other room, the choice of wall color is important to set the right atmosphere in the room. Even if you only add color to one wall, the entire room will seem different. Color is also a great way of creating the illusion of a bigger room or downplaying a ceiling that is too high, for example.There is a whole range of visual tweaking that can be done to a bathroom by implementing the right wall colors.
  5. Overthink your floor choice. There are a lot of bathrooms that feature wooden floors. But wood is not a good option because its sensitivity to water damage. Research other floor options for your bathroom. There are many different ways to add modern touches to your bathroom floor when you redesign it.
  6. Do not underestimate the smaller changes you can make. Details like light fixtures, plants and a new set of towels and some candles improve the design of your bathroom in many ways, besides a change of the wall color. Just by adding a new shower curtain you can change the room’s look for the better.
  7. In the long run you should consider overhauling your shower and bathtub for a design that is both modern and comfortable for daily use. If you want a shorter term fix, because you are renting or do not want to spend as much money, just invest in new water fixtures , faucets and a new shower head for a start.
  8. Sometimes you don’t have to do many things at the same time. You can start with small changes.

There are many ways to improve the look of your current bathroom and one to fit every budget. I hope I could give your some inspiration to overhaul your bathroom design. Your bathroom can have a higher wellness factor. It is easier to do than you might think!

Benefits of A Custom Built Home in Palm Coast


When it comes to discussing the benefits of building custom homes, there are a few crucial aspects that need to be taken into consideration. When you look to break ground on a new house, you take a big step towards establishing your identity. A home is often the single largest investment most people will ever make, and if you have got the resources to have a custom built home, you will certainly want it to reflect your unique style and character. Large scale home development companies have made a fortune building dwellings that have very little design aesthetics. A custom built home will benefit you in so many different ways, including energy efficient structures and a unique design that will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Deciding to go with a custom built home helps you to plan and design the appearance of your new home. Even if you have not got any architecture or design experience, a number of custom home builders can work off an image or photograph from an online source that they find interesting. All an experienced custom home builder requires is a vision, and when you offer yours, they can get to work, thereby planning and designing a home that will include your ideas about how you want to live.

passive solar systems diagramCustom built homes also provide you with an opportunity to work with the contractor to choose high quality supplies and materials, which will help enhance the feel and look of your new home. When you don’t have any say in the building process, you are at the mercy of the builders who will make their judgment based on what they think is best, and is more profitable to them. When you are designing a custom home, you are part of the process, and can provide your thoughts about employing eco-friendly supplies that include recycled materials, passive solar systems, and geothermal systems. A number of new home owners are increasingly becoming environmentally conscious, and want their place to be energy-efficient as well as well-designed.

One of the best benefits to having a custom built home is the fact that you can choose materials and systems. Not only will it allow you to make the project cost-efficient, but it will also go a long way in making your home energy-efficient. You can manage to save a lot of money on energy costs in future by using passive solar design panel, optimizing air insulation and infiltration systems, and choosing better landscape design.

When you are looking to build a new home for yourself, make sure to give due consideration to picking the right Palm Coast home builders. Not only will it give you the freedom to express your unique vision, but you will have a dwelling you feel proud to call home. With that being said, it can be concluded that going with a customized home design seems to be the right idea, especially when you consider the fact that you can save a lot of money on energy costs while having an elegant-looking home at the same time.

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Keeping Pests in Check


Are you struggling to control pests? Do you fear they’ll overrun your home? Do you want to find expert help, but don’t know where to look? Have no fear, we have some cool pointers for you below.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Pour some apple cider vinegar to the bottom of a tall glass and add a little bit of dish soap. This will attract the fruit flies and they will go in for a dive, but will not be coming out.


You all obviously know that candy is made from sugar. Yummy! But the problem is that all sorts of bugs also find this sugar to be a treat. Always be careful not to leave any open candy laying around your house. If you have kids, maybe even make it a habit that candy can only be eaten in the kitchen. This way it is easy to monitor and you don’t have to worry about bugs finding some treats to feast on all around your house.

Keep Your Home Sealed

Placing a rubber barrier under your doormat, which is a common entryway of bugs from the outside, will help to seal your house so that bugs cannot come in and disrupt you and your family.

Outdoor Lighting

Bright lights might make your home look great and are perfect for outdoor gatherings and home security, but they are a big magnet to flying pests. To decrease the attraction of insects to your outdoor lights, consider changing your bulbs to orange, yellow, or pink colors.

If your pest problem is too intense, we recommend contacting a professional Palm Coast pest control specialist to address your situation before it gets any worse.

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Advantages of Using Solar Panels for your Roof


If you have ever considered using solar panels for your home, here are a few advantages of why they might be a great idea.

solar panels

1. Saving Money

Adding solar panels to your home can save you thousands of dollars. An average American home can save about $1,000 per year.

2. Reducing CO2 Emissions

The less use of coal-fired power plants the cleaner we keep the earth and we help to the slowing down of global warming.

3. Reliable

The rising and setting of the sun is very consistent so it makes it an extremely reliable source of energy.

4. Creates Jobs

Solar power is an amazing opportunity for new jobs and investing in solar power typically creates 2 times the amount of jobs than investing in coal or natural gas.

Getting Creative with Temporary Walls in Small Apartments


If you have ever, or currently live, in a New York City or Los Angeles apartment, you know that you don’t get a lot of bang for your buck. Rent is very expensive in these major cities and for this reason, it is very common for people to share apartments with roommates. This helps relieve the financial burden on your pockets, but it sometimes comes at a great expense.

Living with roommates in not-so-private ways is fairly common when in college, but once you have gotten your college days out of your system, you most likely are looking for a quieter living environment that doesn’t involve regular parties, beer kegs, and drinking games. Always some exceptions, of course.

Temporary Wall

But in all reality, once you are living your adult life and trying to get your professional career rolling, roommates are great to have when it comes to sharing your apartment expenses, but not always great when you’re looking for some time alone and a little privacy.

Luckily there are solutions such as custom temporary walls or pressurized walls that enable you to divide a room in a way that doesn’t infringe your leasing agreement and look amazing at the same time. As a matter of fact, they are very difficult to distinguish from your apartment’s real walls, and offer far more privacy than curtains or make-shift room dividers do. Even soundproofing is an option!

If you want to even take further advantage of your room divider, there are companies that specialize in custom bookcase walls. The concept is the same in regards to not being permanent construction and not damaging your apartment’s floors and ceilings, but the major difference is that you are now not only dividing a room into two, but also adding some extra storage space. And hey, we all know you can’t go wrong with extra shelf space in small apartments. So why not kill to birds with one stone.

Here’s an example of what can be done with custom bookcase walls…

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Awesome Ideas Using Pallets


I remember many moons ago when I was in college I use to have a part-time job at a big electronic store in NY. On the days when I worked the early morning shift, I use to be greeted to a floor full of new merchandise ready to be placed on our shelves. It was exciting because I always loved seeing the new products that came in (I worked in the home audio department). The only thing is that once we were done, we always ended up with stacks of empty pallets that we then had to take to the warehouse where the mountain of pallets were collected.

At the time, I simply saw pallets as a pain in the butt chore I had to deal with every time I had to take them to the warehouse after stocking all our merchandise. I bet many of you never imaged some of the incredible things that can be done with good ol’ pallets.

Here are a few ideas I found…

Laundry Stand

Pallett laundry stand

Pallet Flooring

Pallet flooring

Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee table

Pallet Bar

Pallet bar

These are just a few ideas. Honestly, the possibilities are endless!

I’m sure your light bulbs are lighting up with ideas already, but some of your might be wondering where to find some of these pallets. Right? Here are a few tips…

1. Ask local businesses. Especially the ones where you see stacks of pallets just sitting around. Many will be glad for you to take them off their hands.

2. Look in craigslist free section. Good place to find some gems!

3. Construction sites. Many times materials used at construction sites get delivered on pallets and you taking them just makes their job easier.

4. Ask your local factories or warehouses.

5. Your towns recycling center is another good place where you can usually get them for free.


Have fun with upcycling!


Easy Way to Restore Any Old Wood Furniture


Do you have any old antique furniture that has been laying around your basement and missing some TLC? Well furniture today definitely isn’t made like it use to so why not put a little elbow grease and revive some new life into your old wood furniture to have it looking like new?

Here’s a video showing how easy and inexpensively you can restore wood furniture by simply using some paper towel and Old English wood oil.

Old wood furniture can last you forever with just a little TLC.

Finding some hidden gems at yard sales is another idea to find inexpensive wood furniture pieces that can be easily looking like new again.