Keeping Pests in Check


Are you struggling to control pests? Do you fear they’ll overrun your home? Do you want to find expert help, but don’t know where to look? Have no fear, we have some cool pointers for you below.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Pour some apple cider vinegar to the bottom of a tall glass and add a little bit of dish soap. This will attract the fruit flies and they will go in for a dive, but will not be coming out.


You all obviously know that candy is made from sugar. Yummy! But the problem is that all sorts of bugs also find this sugar to be a treat. Always be careful not to leave any open candy laying around your house. If you have kids, maybe even make it a habit that candy can only be eaten in the kitchen. This way it is easy to monitor and you don’t have to worry about bugs finding some treats to feast on all around your house.

Keep Your Home Sealed

Placing a rubber barrier under your doormat, which is a common entryway of bugs from the outside, will help to seal your house so that bugs cannot come in and disrupt you and your family.

Outdoor Lighting

Bright lights might make your home look great and are perfect for outdoor gatherings and home security, but they are a big magnet to flying pests. To decrease the attraction of insects to your outdoor lights, consider changing your bulbs to orange, yellow, or pink colors.

If your pest problem is too intense, we recommend contacting a professional Palm Coast pest control specialist to address your situation before it gets any worse.

We recommend ASAP Pest Control if you live in Central Florida.