Reasons To Invest In Steel Windows For Your Home


It is every homeowner’s hope and wish that his/her home can be safe from every disaster. This responsibility comes in many shapes considering accidents happen when we least expect them. Nonetheless, taking a preventive measure to help prevent such disasters from harming our family is the best thing we can do. Many people invest in strong doors, locks, and deadbolts to help keep burglars and malicious people at bay.

Steel doors and windows are considerably the best options for enhanced security and fire prevention. Steel windows and doors not only improve security in your home but are also aesthetically appealing. They also contribute to improving your home’s value remarkably as well.

Custom steel windows and doors by Optimum Window Mfg

Reasons to choose steel-framed windows

Custom steel framed windows by Optimim Window Mfg

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1.    Safety and security
Most burglars break into houses through windows. Although an unlocked door or window may help the thief gain entry, breaking through a window is reasonably easier. Nonetheless, having steel windows installed in your home can help prevent unwanted intrusions by up to 30%. Apartments and office spaces should also have these steel windows installed, as this could help protect possession and other valuable assets from theft.

2.    Provides safe escape in case of  a fire
In 2013, more than 1.2 million houses were destroyed by fire in the U.S. Escaping from a burning house is one of the trickiest endeavors anyone can face. This is mainly because most window frames are made of wood or other flammable material. Meaning going through would be a significant risk. Nonetheless, steel window can withstand intense heat and are fireproof. This makes it easier to escape through the windows much easier, hence safer to use.

3.    Weatherized Design
The type of windows you have in your house determines how energy efficient your home is.  Some window materials leak out/in heat, hence making it harder to maintain a set temperature in an office or home. Nonetheless, steel windows help keep cool or warm air in and do not leak heat at all. Having these windows installed in your house, therefore, helps keep utility bills down, which is good for your pocket and environment as well.