Awesome Ideas Using Pallets


I remember many moons ago when I was in college I use to have a part-time job at a big electronic store in NY. On the days when I worked the early morning shift, I use to be greeted to a floor full of new merchandise ready to be placed on our shelves. It was exciting because I always loved seeing the new products that came in (I worked in the home audio department). The only thing is that once we were done, we always ended up with stacks of empty pallets that we then had to take to the warehouse where the mountain of pallets were collected.

At the time, I simply saw pallets as a pain in the butt chore I had to deal with every time I had to take them to the warehouse after stocking all our merchandise. I bet many of you never imaged some of the incredible things that can be done with good ol’ pallets.

Here are a few ideas I found…

Laundry Stand

Pallett laundry stand

Pallet Flooring

Pallet flooring

Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee table

Pallet Bar

Pallet bar

These are just a few ideas. Honestly, the possibilities are endless!

I’m sure your light bulbs are lighting up with ideas already, but some of your might be wondering where to find some of these pallets. Right? Here are a few tips…

1. Ask local businesses. Especially the ones where you see stacks of pallets just sitting around. Many will be glad for you to take them off their hands.

2. Look in craigslist free section. Good place to find some gems!

3. Construction sites. Many times materials used at construction sites get delivered on pallets and you taking them just makes their job easier.

4. Ask your local factories or warehouses.

5. Your towns recycling center is another good place where you can usually get them for free.


Have fun with upcycling!